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Update - April 17, 2011:

Those of you using our Foreign Publication fetching service may have noticed it wasn't working particularly well. This was due to changes on the EPO's servers. We have updated our code and are pleased to report things are working again with Foreign Publication fetches.

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U.S. Utility Patent : 5101444        (up to 8 digits) 
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U.S. Design Patent : D339456
U.S. Plant Patent : PP8901
U.S. Reissue Patent : RE35312
U.S. Defensive Publication : T109201
U.S. SIR : H1523
(You can search for U.S. Patents and Applications meeting your criteria on the U.S. PTO Site, and then enter the resulting Patent/SIR/etc. numbers from your search in the field above, one by one.

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